a hot video to travel back in time to.


I was looking at CNN and I saw this story {well of course, it’s front and center}

but anyway, I thought that the second woman right when I looked at her had an amazing resemblance to Reese Witherspoon,

is it just me? or can you see it too?

believe me I know depression is nothing to laugh about, as I myself am trying to deal with another bout of it. you really wanna try and do and be the person you wish you could be, but your stupid brain, ugh, the thoughts in your brain are holding you back they may be “why bother?” and you can’t think of a reason..or you can but immediately another thought jumps into your head such as “don’t bother” and you can only think, well if I do try, and it don’t work then why would I EVEN try, you begin to outway the negatives to the positives..I dealt with this today and it was scary..
I have been doing an internship at a hospital, and I haven’t gone for like 3 weeks, and I finally fought myself out of all the arguements in my head, and wrote down what I wanted to say, I had to write it down, because otherwise I would have wussed out, and the thoughts in my head would have over powered the words on the paper, and in my heart.I had to call an apologize for being such a poor intern, I was scared, oh man, was I scared, I just sat by the phone, picking it up to dial, and then I would hang it up before I got the whole number out, just sitting there, puffing on my cigarrette, trying to over talk the other thoughts in my head and keep telling myself “just do it” suck it up and call” trying to keep out, the don’t bother, there gonna tell you they don’t want you back, that yes, you were a poor intern, and don’t bother” I finally let out the longest sigh, being shit scared and picked up the phone and dialed…I made the call, and explained my situation, and told them the truth about the depression, I NEVER try to use the depression as an excuse, but there are times ehen it becomes your life, and there is nothing more you can do about it, than be honest..people are more understanding than you may know, this call, turned out to be the one call that I am happy to have made today. they did understand, and they said they are willing to give me another chance.
I need to push forward and not let the thoughts in my head, or the thoughts you may have in your head rule, your life, life is all about “what if” and it can be bad, and it can be good,gotta learn to take the punches, and fight back, roll with the waves and surf.” I know I am not the only person in the world but some of the words in your head and maybe in your heart can make it seem that way, but you never are, and never will be. take it from experience,


a post-secret, I have too. glad I am not alone.

a post-secret, I have too. glad I am not alone.

No, Im not talking about a 14 inch in circumfrance newborn head..oweeeeee!!  not gas,  or a cold,..

could you pass your driving test again??

I found this quiz on MSN.

so I did it and I got a 75 (i don’t know if thats good or bad)

but whatever I thought it was fun..

New Jersey law does not consider a stillborn a person. There is no birth certificate and no death certificate

man, only certain things can make me cry, and that certainly did.

The 8 Qualities of a Wealthy Woman
Financial expert Suze Orman

Photo: Marc Royce
Besides money, a wealthy woman has some qualities that serve as guideposts to make sure she’s always walking toward wealth rather than away from it. This month’s readers each had one or more of these traits out of alignment.

Here are the eight qualities and how they can translate into financial success:

Harmony and balance. Harmony is the agreement between what you think, say, and do. Balance is the state of stability in which you’re able to make sound judgments that will enhance your financial security. When you use a loan for in vitro fertilization that will leave you so deeply in debt that it would be difficult to care for your new child, you forsake harmony. Aligning your thoughts, words, and actions will put you on a path to balance—and emotional and financial well-being.

Wisdom and courage. The ability to make (not just think about) sensible decisions that respect your needs takes wisdom, the voice of experience that’s inside each woman. Courage, the catalyst that creates harmony by uniting our thoughts with our actions, is what lets us assert our opinions confidently. To tell your mother that you love her but can’t ruin your financial life to save hers requires wisdom and courage.

Generosity and happiness. True generosity must benefit both parties. No woman can control her destiny if she doesn’t give to herself as much as she gives of herself. That’s why I so often caution you not to co-sign loans or deplete your emergency cash savings to bail out someone. While those acts seem helpful, they leave you financially at risk. Happiness manifests itself through generosity—when, for example, a woman makes donations that help others yet don’t deplete her.

Cleanliness and beauty. Removing clutter and chaos from our lives brings clarity, which makes it easier to achieve what we want. From emptying closets of unused stuff to streamlining your wallet, cleanliness is a sign that you’re in control. And by bringing the first seven qualities into your life, you feel beautiful.

When you commit to finding harmony and balance, you have the courage to make wise decisions that are as generous to you as they are to others. This leads to deep, unwavering happiness and brings beauty into your life. I wish this for the women who wrote to me this month, and I wish it for you.

Adapted from Suze Orman’s book, Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny (Spiegel & Grau).

just copied from oprah.com

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