Okay I’ve been gone awhile, okay more than a while, I know, but was I seriously missed? OK OK, I won’t throw it back at you. I know I was like gone, gone for long long time, my son actually went through high-five, and I didn’t write once about any of his accomplishments while he was going? how the heck did that happen? Well guess what now peeps? he starts Kindergarten in September! Whaat?? My baby will be 5 and Starting official school.The time has really just flown by and I have nothing to show for it, except a kid who is getting bigger and smarter (sometimes to smart). Every where I go, everyone seems to love and Adore him, and I just DON’T get it, considering he is my kid. and I am just so utterly rude, and obnoxious, how could I have such an adorable kid? Either everyone really does adore him, or they are all terrific  actors/actresses. This summer is just flying by, and one of the things I was hoping on happening ( my son to see HIS daaaad) didn’t!!  didn’t even really call me or anything to say he couldn’t afford the tickets, or anything!. He just slinked away from the whole situation…LOSER!

So there are still ups and downs to this crazy life, but it’s cool, cause I’m starting to get the hang of it. I THINK