My boring BOOORING life, has changed little but it seems that things are still bound to get better..I truly hope. I made it through the winter with no accidents, so I guess that can be counted as a +. why even say these words isn’t it a little like tempting fate? geeze, I sincerely hope not. Son has been doing extremely well in HI-5, I was looking to keep him home one day, cause his cough was rough, but he said “mom, I WANNA go to school” so I was like alright kid, you may go to school. Aren’t I an awesome mom, shoot I am teaching my kid that it is a priviledge to  be going to school!! (5 pts) we are doing O.k. and guess what on the daddy front? he got papers for child support AGAIN!! now that the kid will be 5! but please I know he barely makes enough to help out with anything, but whatever, we are better terms, for now. other than that I am just trying to be optimistic about what the rest of the year still holds. hopefully nothing I CAN’T handle.