So, Things that have happened in my life and are on goooiiinnnng..

  • I finished school, YAY me, I am now a Certified Administrative Medical Assistant.
  • Son is now Potty Trained Fully
  • I took son to see his “dad”  and we were there for more than 2 weeks ( way to long)

and as of now: I am just trying to keep my head above water in the facts that:

  • My mommola is in the hospital with a  viral infection in her spine (unspecified)
  • My son has an ear infection + sinus infection
  • I’ve got a sinus infection

I’m suppose to be Redoing a resume, and cover letters so I can be job hunting in this wasteland of Unemployment.

Right now I’m just very stressed about everything. Everything just seems to “drop” on me all @ once.

and considering I am a major ass procrastinator  I just think how am I suppose to get everything/ anything done?

I have no clue what I am doing in or with my life right now

It’s a shame.