I am a purse fanatic, I am ALWAYS on the look out for a good purse, and believe me I buy like 6 purses a month!! I can usually stick with a purse for anywhere from a couple of days to a couple months, but I don’t ever think I have stuck with one purse for one whole year!

but anyway I am still on the hunt for the perfect purse,and thought I would show you some of my latest prospects.

I Like:

Maxine Flap by Fossil at Zappos.comMaxine Flap
by FossilZappos.com - Powered by Service

I Like:

Duchess Hobo by PUMA at Zappos.comDuchess Hobo
by PUMAZappos.com - Powered by Service

oh, and more than likely it will be black, but will they necessarily be one of these handbags? uh hell no, I am a single mom going to school in NO way would I spend that kinda money on a handbag, most of the ones I get are from the thrift store!
this is just my drool list.