well things are..strange..I went to the doctor for a “check-up” since I haven’t been to the doctor since my son was born, seriously I didn’t even go to my 6 week post partum check EEK! So, anyway I haven’t been to my doctors in a grip. and I can say, I did get a complete and thorough exam, well as much as could be done, and so far I am a wreck.

my BP was high.142/95? I am usually 118/60..scarey, although I felt fine, that caught me off guard.

basically she is gonna go through my bloodwork, and check my thyroid, cholesterol, and whatever else.

I got 3 damn shots, a flu, tetnis, and a MMr. so I am pretty sore.

I also now take 3 pills daily, a muti vitamin, wellbuttrin, (to quit smoking) but the side effect of helping with depression won’t be bad either. and um, singular for help with some asthma control.

geez, now I feel old..