Son is sick, and has been since uh, wednesday, when I drove to take him to the daycare with his nose running like a faucet, I got there signed him in, and then watched him for a minute just sit there with his head down. I picked up the sign in sheet, and scratched him out, telling the teacher, I’m just gonna take him home. i started to cry walking back to the van, because he was so miserable, I knew he felt bad, so I did too.

son has been home everyday since then staying with bampa, while I go to class, and come right back. What started with a runny-nose has now become a sore throat crusty cough, and the runny nose has disappeared.

I am hoping that this is the peek of the sickness and that he will start feeling better by monday. but who knows (my wishful thinking never seems to work out!)

Oh you know what pisses me off about son being sick the most? is that I went to get him some cough n cold medicine, and there was NONE!  so he just has to suffer, and just have Tylenol..there is nothing that I can give him for just a teeny bit of relief, because the damn government took it AWAY!

do they realize how this is gonna effect clinics? people are gonna be taking their kid to the clinic more often now just to get some relief for their poor kid, when the shit cold have been taken care of at home with some simple over the counter shit.

pisses me off.