I was sitting here reading blogs, and this post by Amalahtoday brought back a memory of a similar time that had happed to me.

This is from years ago, but reading Amalah story, just made it seem like yesterday. so the story goes like this.

My fiance and I were sleeping at it must have been like 5:00 am in the morning when I heard the whimpers coming from rose, rose was only 10 weeks old and being house broken. So I got up to let her out, I went and called Teddy to see if he wanted to go out to, I decided that I was just gonna let them out the patio door in the bedroom to the backyard, so I just opened the door and let them out and went and laid back down just for a minute.

I woke up at 6:15 and immediately didn’t remember about the dogs until I came back from the bathroom, and didn’t see rose laying on the floor next to the bed. Oh Shizzit, I went and opened the back patio door not trying to be quiet and started yelling: Rose/Teddy, Rose/Teddy, come on guys..I did the whistling, I ran around to see if maybe they were on the side of the house, nope, I went back in to see if maybe they were sitting by the front door, no luck. shit! the yard wasn’t fenced. I was worried in the Rose was only 10 weeks old and she could go anywhere and get into anything. but then Teddy wasn’t coming, so I kinda loosened the thought and said well he’s with rose, he won’t leave her.

I ended up getting in the car and driving around and calling for them, I came across some police officers and told them the situation and told them that Teddy was a very big, but very friendly dog, and they said they would drive around and search too.

I decided that I should go home and call the pound to see if any dogs had been picked up early this morning, but before I did that I decided to go into the backyard and call a couple more times, thinking please god let me find the dogs.

so I called 3 times and on the 3rd call I see Rose, running full speed straight at me with all her little puppy might. Right behind her comes Teddy more trotting than anything. and I’m thinking oh you dear sweet good boy~~!  He stayed with her, and got her home.

Teddy was the best dog anyone could have ever asked or wished for, he was a German Shepard/Collie Mix, with the German Shepard coloring and the build of a Collie. He was beautiful. We found him at the Shelter when he was 3 years old, and we knew he was the one from the beginning. He was so incredibly sweet.

Teddy was put to sleep Yesterday.

He will forever be missed.