Son was telling me while we’re still at Daycare..”Look Mommy, owee” and he was showing me his wrist, I didn’t see anything so I was like “hmm, let me see? who did that?”” Son replied, “he mean” so I said, show me who did that to you? and he walked to the stairs and pointed at another little boy..and I was like um, lydia, did son get hurt? and she said “yeah, there is an incident report for him, Eli, pinched him in the upper arm”

and son said “their mean” so I went and read the incident report, and also saw that this little boy had 2..for piching my kid, and another for who knows what..

When I looked closer, and saw a good size bruise on sons upper arm I became mad.

i bent down and looked son straight in the eye and said “if that little boy hurts you again, you punch him in the nose, and kick him” and then I told him, you can only hit if they hit you first .

i don’t want my just turned 3 year old son to be a bully, and go around hitting, but I sure don’t want him to be kicked around either.