aw, shhit. i have no Idea what to do here people.


My son turned 3 yesterday.

we’re having his a short party for his sat, from 1-3pm, just pizza, cake, Ice Cream,

and yet, although I have spoiled this kid silly while I did have money, I no longer have money to give him a

gift at his party on Saturday.

Now I could do a cash advance through the bank of $80.00 dollars, but the things is…

My B(est) F(riend)s Bachelorette party is that night.  and I was kinda saving it for that!

so what the hell do I do, split the 80.00 into 40/40? I have no clue, Im really stuck and torn.

completely torn.

I think for the party we we’re just gonna do pizza, cake and ice cream.  and If I do the pizza, I can easily do

Little Caesars, and that would be like 20.00 bucks or something.

and for the bachelorette party, I could do..just drinks for the bride.

I don’t know..

This also the very last of my money, so I do need to be careful with it, cause when its gone i have no

money for gas either!

what would you do?