while I lovingly ignore my child whom I told to go in the living room and watch nogging while mommy needs to be left alone. So I can do what? I have no idea! I sit here and I kmow the dishes need to be done, son needs a bath, I should pick up after him, and the messed hes made through out the day. Son comes into the kitchen and nibbles on the dinner, I made lovingly for him, CEREAL (hey it SOMETHING HE WILL EAT) & its a little too hot and humid here to actually turn anything on cook, so cereal it is. what was I trying to say. Yes, son is loved VERY MUCH can’t you tell?

well anyway, son will be turning 3 years old this month, and he is very much his own person. I look at him and just think, wow, this little person is actually surving with ME as a parent! how I manage to do it? xome days I actually have no Idea, it will be a big blur somedays.

I keep thinking, what have I taught him that will he carry on into his later years? I sincerely have no clue, but then again, He is a very polite child, he knows thank you, please, excuse me, and he uses them in the correct context. he covers his mouth when he coughs, and he says sorry, if he does something that hurt someone, or if he knows will get him in trouble (he still gets a timeout after that though)

I can’t help thinking will he be the kinda man I want him to be and am trying to raise him to be? will he be the kinda man, girls will swoon for and want to marry?

maybe the age of 3 is to early to tell, but if its a precursor to telling I think I am on the right path.