there is this woman, who has a 16 yr old daughter (little snotty thing) and she was married to another friend of mine. (I never liked this woman) and she out of no where last year decided to up and leave my friend, and want a divorce ( I think her bitch ass was having an affair) leaving my friend deeply hurt and devastated.

well after all the hurt and devastation she caused to my friend she still comes around and tries to be friends with him and his family!! I just don’t fucking understand the shit.

why after you hurt someone so badly would you still try to come around? I think she does it to try and keep tabs on him to see if he’s dating anyone.

but when she comes around HIS sisters lap the shit up, and that really pisses me off, it’s like why don’t you tell her to go to hell? and she even got invited by one to a big family function! I am like what the hell is wrong with you women? why would you do that? and they were like “for the gift” and Im like the gift is better than his well being?

she was around yesterday, and I saw her, and she tried talking to me about son. I was short answered, and unnerved, by her fake-ness. she was out back talking to the sisters, and I said well Im gonna go in the house and have a cigarrette. His mom was in there, and I was like, I have to get away from there and she was like “yeah, I know what you mean, I can’t stand her fake ass either” so we just laughed and talked shit about her, while waiting for her bitch ass to leave.