I went to drop my son off at school today, I called and told them I was on my way, we were waaay late, but I wanted to let them know that we were coming, so I could still bring him (they have a policy of no let ins AFTER 10 am) well I got there to bring son in, and then stupid bitch ..I don’t even know her damn title there, was

“I just got your message, but we really need him to be here earlier, because we have rules and they are for everybody, in case its like something crazy like your car breaking down, or a doctors appt, then we can no longer let you bring him in after 10, I don’t want him to feel left out of the activities, we have volunteers here and they do fun activities with the kids and I don’t want him to miss out”

I was just standing there shaking my head “uh huh” “yeah” but my mind was raging!

In reality, I am PMSing, and Im an aries which makes it alot worse! I wanted to grab her by her hair, throw her down, and stomp on her damn head telling her ” you fucking bitch! do you have children? do you try to get out of the house daily with a two year old?” I wanted to do that just long enough for her to understand my point. I left, with an “okay” but a look of “you bitch” .

I kept thinking on the way back out to the car, who the fuck is she to tell me when I need to bring my son in? “fucking bitch, fucking bitch, fucking bitch”

oooh, I need to make a shirt that says “PMSing, back the fuck off!” so next time people will know better.