holy shit where have I been? well well well I’ve been living my so nonchalant boring ass life and have absolutely nothing to write about!! well I get Ideas about what to write all the time, but they are like at the worst times, I am never in front of a computer, or I am driving and I can’t write it down then either, but I am trying to find a new way to easily update, and start to start writing, cause damn it, I don’t wanna stop, but I don’t know how to keep it up either, and I don’t want to take big breaks like I did, I feel like I’ve been gone forever..was I missed? eh, probably not, but thats not the point to me either, I just wanna share my lifely experiences with people. who care if they enjoy what I write or not.

On the other hand I would like to be entertaining, and fun to read and people I can be funny, I am funny..you have no Idea how good I can be(thats what HE said) see?, because there are things holding me back. I can’t pin point it, but Im also trying to not let it either, My personality has not showed its full potential like I wish it would allready, goddamn it.

so starting tomarrow I am gonna keep a notebook and a pen close by for when I get a ” hey, I should blog about that” thought..so we’ll see how it goes.