that is how I would describe my baby’s father!!

Well not that I really have to be explain why, but believe me he is!!

his parents have always struggled money wise, but yet somehow they usually seem to skimp by the slightest to the next paycheck and usually this is done by other family members helping them out, but there is one who is constantly TAKING..and that would be my ex baby’s daddy. he always feels like he is entitled to get what he wants when he wants it, wether it be sex, or money or something he just wants.

Well since me and his mother are still kinda close she tells me shit about him, and problems she is having with him and his mrs.

well I guess gramo and POP-O decided to help them get by these nest couple of months they would take out a loan against themselves. it was a hefty sum of over 10 grand and they told they their darling (albeit GREEDY son) get a car since he and his mrz need a second to lug there kids around. so they looked for a good USED car at a decent price and found one. a honda  something, for 3000. and this selfish asshole said  “NO, I WANT A 2000-2003 ACURA INTEGRA!” that he had found, and the price tag was more then 7000! and then his wife tells him, no, you shouldn’t even do it because we cant pay you back ANYTHING @ all. which the parents expected to be paid back. well sons selfish daddy (gotta keep saying it! i do!) tells them well if there is anything left over, I will pay off the rest of our (his and the Mrs.) bills, and then start to pay you all back!!  So, do you get it now? He thought that the loan they were taking out was all gonna go to him!!and yet if he did get his hands on all that money, do you think that he would send a dime to his son? well let me just tell you.”HELL NO! HE HASN’T SENT A DAMN DIME TO HIS SON , SINCE HE SENT A MEASLY 42.00 IN NOVEMBER OF LAST YEAR!” he didn’t get nothing for Christmas from his dad, or anything.!!