Just a little something silly for fun 🙂
Complete the sentence; first thing that pops into your head:
a) Mangoes are. . .okay sometimes.
b) Life is. . .like coffee sometimes it needs to be stirred and sweetened.
c) I have. . . to get to sleep.
d) Women are. . .more of a problem than we would like to admit.( and we KNOW it!!)
e) Men may. . .just really not know.
f) Kids dont. . .smile for no reason.
g) Please keep. . .your receipts.
h) Quickly. . . put on some concealer.
i) My home is. . .stuck in a rut.
j) My solace is. . .to far in between.
k) I like. . .giving into my cravings.
l) Do you. . .really wanna know?
m) Why. . .the hell not?
n) Remember this: . .you too can prevent forest fires.
o) Love is. . .something everyone should have.
I bumped this off polarbear on soulcast..thanks.