seriously that is what my weekend was .

i went to a bachelorette party,it was fun in the beginning but more between 2-4am point, I was wishing I could’ve left and went home and slept in my own bed. I can’t stand being around drunks, but I couldn’t because I left my keys in an unreachable location. which I was hoping I would be able to get back 1st thing in the morning. My celly was also with the damn keys so that was hopeless and simply idiotic of me. It left me paranoid most of the night that there was some emergency with my son and they couldn’t reach me.

This is my 1st night I have litetrally been out all night in 2 damn years. and let me say it was fun, but the hell that came with it was not fun, and made it more of a hell thing. I hate being stuck where I do not want to be.

so when I finally did manage to receive my keys and cell again, I immediately check for missed calls and returned the one from home, I was then told that my friend had her baby.I was left in complete shock in that I was thinking she would make it full term but the doctors said she would deliver early which she did but the baby is okay, and I couldn’t been happier for her. but at the same time it still hasn’t sunk in that she is a mommy now too.

after going to see her and the baby(which I totally ended up crying) even though I tried my hardest not to. when I gave her her congratulatory hug, it just all came pouring out.I had to leave to go to my 2nd cousins 1st birthday party. (yes, I am part Native American and we keep track of our family that way.) Son, was not happy about it, I think he got scared of the other people there. so after being there less than 10 minutes, we ended up leaving and getting something to eat.

i was exhausted and luckily for me son was too. we came home crashed and woke up way to late today.

It has been one of the weirdest, funnest, kinda hellish, happy weekends of my life. but oh my god, I still haven’t recovered.

hopefully I will by tomorrow.