something just touch you more than others. I read this post yesterday and though I didn’t comment it. It stuck with me more than most post do.  I mean it really stuck in my head last night so much,, that when I went to bed I was actually dreaming about little man tate (the movie). Remember how we used to see these kids we now have labeled as “Autistic” as “Gifted”?  In todays society it just seems we want to see more children problem ridden, as labeling them  SOMETHING. autistic, ADD/ADHD. which you know if a kid is labeled it is just more or less (I.M.O.) saying “expect some kind of problem from this child”

I can see to that the parents of these children would like a label for their child, and why they make act differently, as a label or diagnosis may give them peace of mind. 

I mean what are doctors gonna start calling tantrum throwing toddlers are they gonna come out with a new diagnosis of “todfitism” or “fittodlerism”

I don’t understand how some people just jump on the diagnosis bandwagon and then all of a sudden seem kind of proud that their child has been labeled/diagnosed as “problematic”.

It seems to be a fad in society, a couple years ago it was ADD, & now its autism? what the hell people why are you looking so quickly to find a label for your child(ren). why can’t you just see them as what they are just as MOMMYWANTSVODKA does, as her son with amazong ability to learn things she can’t.