This weekend has been, very very Long, and yet tomarrow, it will be officially over. I will be in school again, and I am truly happy with that. For one it will get me away from the people here who are making me so damn depressed, anxious, and very very crabby. I like school because it gives me a break from my home life and the bull shit of daily critism and mommy hood that I have to deal with.

I love being a mother, and I love my son truelly, what I don’t like  love is dealing with the daily critisms that come from my hell devil mother, everything I do is wrong. anyway, I really don’t care to describe the details, right now, but one day I will. I need to sleep soon, and going throught the details would make that impossible.

I’ve needed to change something, and every little thing I can for me to feel like I have control somewhere, so all of my pages, the layouts have been changed out, and here I even changed my name too.( if you haven’t noticed) I did that simply because there are to many “and another thing” titled blogs out there. I got the new name from the NATASHA BEDINGFIELD song “pocket full of sunshine”.  I love her songs, I wonder who writes them, cause jesus they speak directly to my soul. I love her music! so that why I have made the above said changes to my blog.