wholly crap this has been one hell of a morning! Son, decided to be crabby as all hell( I wonder where  he gets it from) and just fight me about EVERYTHING!! It was pretty bad, and I have to admit that I was pretty caught off guard. It has been a long while since he has thrown such a major (30+min) full of crying, thrashing fit! He was getting to the point of where I could easily calm him down. Today he was not having it!  I was getting frustrated, because I was gonna be late for school, not to mention that he just would not stop! finally I managed to get him dressed and a coat on, and get him out the door, He was calm in the car ride to daycare, but when we got there, it started all over AGAIN. He wanted to have his pacifier which is not allowed. I finally get him in to his classroom STILL in full on fit mode, and am trying to calm him down! telling him son, you can have it when I come pick you up, finally the “teachers” were like “you can go, we can handle him” so I left!

I have been waiting since I got to school to get ” the call” of “you need to come get him, he just is not cooperating”, but so far, it hasn’t happened!

now I am wondering if I should go pick him up immediately after school or if I should take as long a break from him,and not pick him up til later.??