Yes, I am an Aries, Duh, my birthday just passed.  My mother is also an Aries, and too is my sibling.  So this house is one of major arguments.

Since I still live with my mom(my), we are so the same we get into “IT” A.L.O.T.!! this morning was no different, I actually woke up early enough to get up, and make son, a breakfast at home. This poor kid, who is NOT an Aries,(Leo, I planned him to be Leo) starts throwing a fit, about what? I don’t even remember, but he was crying, because I threw his old apple in the garbage. and I was all” son, knock it off, it ain’t nothing to cry about. ” and he just kept going and going, so I started getting LOUDER, AND LOUDER. my mom comes out, and immediately comes out and starts babying him. I tell her don’t baby him over stupid shit. she all well he hungry!! “I am like I know that,these damn pancakes only take 30 secs in the microwave. shit.”

so then she begins the whole “don’t yell at him, I hate when you yell at him, that ABUSE!” (O, yes she did!) ( ARIES FURY ~ immediately kicks in)  I’m Like…”what the fuck ever” she says oh well then maybe I should bring you my BOOK, about ABUSE! and blah, blah..

ME:(YELLING,directly at her..) yelling is abuse? oh yeah? well then I should have been put in jail when I was 12!  I’ve been abusing every damn body!! I ain’t gonna let some BOOK tell me yelling is abuse! 

son, still lapping it up with her babying sitting in her lap!

by this point I am pissed! and I give him his damn pancakes, and go in the other room;

My parenting beliefs are this:

  • Give the child loves( Hugs, Kisses, and tell them you love them daily) everyday.
  • Praise them when they are acting the way you wanted them to *in the store, etc.
  • Let them tell you want they want and express their emotions.
  • Let them know when you DISAGREE with what they want.
  • Let them know they made you mad,don’t pretend that everything they do is Okay.
  • Compromise.

My mom lets son think his is king of the house(backfired, many times) and the Boss of all of us. yeah, that don’t fly with me.

I parent the way I parent, and its not Perfect! I don’t think anyone is perfect in their parenting, I don’t even think the supernanny would be perfect in her parenting. so there.