Well today is officially my Birthday, and I just hit the Big 30! crap a lap. I feel much better about turning 30, and I did turning 29. turning 29 had me so depressed, there was only one person who I truelly talked to about how it was making me feel, and he helped me alot, Thank You, Drew. I am feeling better about turning 30 simply, because this time last year in my life I was doing nothing and going nowhere, I just sat on my ass and took care of son sitting around the house all day.

Feeling so damn low that day, and that month, made me set goals for my self in that I wanna be doing something, anything than just sitting in the house doing nothing. So, I think I am better in that going to school has really helped my self esteem rise just a little bit.

I forgot how interacting with other adults and people could help me get my shit together.  I connect with the people at school, most of them are parents too, wanting to get their shit together, so we are all there working for the same goal. to get somewhere with our lives.

Today I can truelly consider a happy day, and not be down on my age.