Man, I am pitiful.

I did the schooling thing this week, and well Monday afternoon I found out that I had been going to the wrong class for over 2 weeks..”they” had me scheduled in math, and I was suppose to be in “software management”. what a bunch of dumb-asses, now  I have to start to weeks behind in a that class who is all ready four chapters in! I’m not sure if  I will ever be able to catch up in that one, but I guess I gotta try do it right? one way or another. the week went pretty well until Thursday night.  I went and picked up son from school daycare, and he seemed a little feverish (yes, again) and so  I brought him home and checked his temp, it was 99.2, but he had just been running around in the gym when I picked him up, so I thought I would wait an hour and retest him an hour later. I did, and it was 101.7. so  I was like well back to urgent care. we went and waited we must’ve been there like 10-20 minutes and son was going to sleep in my arms, and then BOOM… he sat up and projectile vomited all over then me, the aquarium we were sitting next to, his coat me, he puked that way for a minute (no shitting) straight! they bring us in to the back to wait..and try and clean up what I can off both of us. we wait in back for another 10  minutes. (son, just looks so sad and scared)

we finally get seen and the doctor was like was he sleeping? I’m like yep, and then she tries to see his throat..blah, blah,blah, its strep! yay.

she puts him back on azithromiacin, and now he has a yeast infection again, but thankfully (knock on wood) has stopped vomiting! but now he has the major viral shits. Jesus, will my kid ever be fucking well again?

 I ended up missing school Friday, due to getting up dealing with a vomiting toddler,and shitty diapers. Let me tell you, if he hadn’t been throwing up, and had major shits, I would have brought him back to daycare!

Hopefully I can get him well enough to go back to daycare on Monday, but if not, then I guess, Ill just have to at least go get my books, and follow my syllabus for make up work, but so far this has been majorly shitty.