Well now I guess I can finally write, cause I have no school tomorrow, but let me tell you this week has been one hell of one.  I had orientation for school on Monday, and son went to his 1st day of day care, I was more worried about him being there than I was about my stupid orientation.

I went to go and pick up son from day care,oh, man, he was MAD!! I have only seen him so mad @ me quite a while. He would not look @ me for the longest!. I was trying to ask him if he had fun, and he would just very quietly answer “yesh”  , but would not look in my direction. I asked him “honey are you mad @ me?” he would answer “yesh” , but honey, didn’t you have fun?”‘  “yesh”. so I ask him “Honey, do you wanna go back tomorrow?” and he looked me square in the eye, and declared “NO”.

Well, he hasn’t been back yet. why? Since we co-sleep, I happened to run my hand over his head in the middle of the night, and felt he was extremely warm, so I got up, went downstairs, and got the thermometer to check and see if it was really a temp or if it was a momentary thing. I put it under his arm, and let it do its thing. when I went to check it again it was clearly 100.4 degrees. My immediate thought is shit, how am I gonna go to school tomorrow? who is gonna watch him, I can’t bring him to day care? FUUUUUCK! (as I am going BACK downstairs to get him some Tylenol children’s melt aways) .

I wake up, and tell his grandpa to wake up too, that I will not be able to take him to day care, he has a temp, blah blah, and can he watch him for the day. he says, yes ( Oh, Thank Goddd!)  So I head to school to do this shit.

I come home from school, Son, still seems to be in a pretty good mood, a little warm but nothing major, so we just chill out and watch movies, I later deicide to feel him, and he is feeling kinda hot now, so I check his temp, it comes to read 102.3, time to go to urgent care. I take him to urgent care about 7:30, and he is pretty hot, we wait, we must almost waited an HOUR, I was getting so pissed!  finally we go back and the nurse checks his temp( doesn’t tell me what it is)and says the doc will be in in 10 Min’s. I’m like okay, well @ least we are in now, so I know we will be seen. we’re waiting, and he is just listless, laying in my arms like the biggest sack of potatoes ever, he is still feeling hot,( I didn’t give him any Tylenol cause, I want them to get an accurate read on his temp) and I also didn’t bring any with me to the appointment, but by the minute, he is feeling hotter, and hotter, I know I need to start cooling him down. so I dig in my purse, and find wipes, I start using them laying them on his fore head and and neck, the nurse comes in and does a nose swab( I have no Idea  what for)  and then leaves, the dr comes in and we talk I tell her that there are some people in the house who have had bronchitis, so I figure that’s what it most likely is,and she is like we will see, so she checks his right ear -INFECTED-  checks his left ear -INFECTED..greeaaat! so she leaves, and comes back in and says “he also has INFLUENZA!”

son had two flu shots this year! one in Nov, and One in Jan/Feb..so how the hell did he get the flu? what a bitch!! my poor lil guy is so beat up!

there is no way he can go to daycare for the rest of the week and the doctor says he is contagious until he can go 12 hours without a fever!!  that hasn’t happened yet! although he has been running around a bit more today, and is being more vocal! 

I haven’t been getting any sleep! its hard to sleep when you have a coughing 2 y/o next two you, and your just waiting for them to puke! I’ve also had to get up @ least once a night and give him Tylenol in the middle of the night.

so this has been an extremely long week!