Well Peeps, Long time no hear, eh?  there has  been so much going on, and its not all good either. We’ve had 2 deaths in the family with in 3 days of each-other, and one who was my 1st cousin, who was only 34 yrs. old. I am so very saddened. He brought the greatest laughter everywhere he went. He was the type of man, you would want your son to be, the kind of man I want my son to be. He took care of his responsibilities in life, and took on others responsibilities too.  He cared greatly for everyone. If you asked him to do you a favor? he would just ask , where & when? and he would do it with no other questions asked.  He leaves behind a son, who at the tender age of 12 doesn’t know how to control yet, the emotions of the loss of his father, so he is acting out angrily (which is understandable)  I don’t know what to do to help anyone, with there grief they are feeling, I can barely handle this myself.  I wanna be strong for others @ a time like this, but my strength is gone, and now I feel as if it seems I am being selfish.  I no longer know what to say or to do.