Where do I begin? (hello, dumb-ass, where you left off, might help!)  O.K. O.K. I get the point.well where the hell did I leave off? oh yeah, I found my old blog( which is now set to private), in that I am keeping this blog, ANON (which I hate) shit, what was I trying insuffiently trying to write about. this are some of the things that have been going on, in the way of my poor little boring life.I am  enrolled  in school Yay. I start March 10th.  now I can no longer sit on my ass and say I am doing nothing with my life, and feel sorry for myself. is that a good thing or a bad thing? this is the best week ever!I woke up one morning with more determination I’ve had in the last 3 years to finally once and for all, get rid of clutter, and get my room, and everything in order, so I will be prepared when school starts. let me tell you, I got 3 bags of what people would see as  garbage ,(cause of the garbage bags they’re in)  but in all actually it was little garbage, and much clutter gone. I almost did orgasm as I brought those out to the garage, to be thrown away.  Yes, it took a WHOLE day to get done,( literally, it was from 10 A.M.-9 P.M.) I haven’t been that happy with myself in forever!  The garbage bags were NOT the plain white tall kitchen garbage bags either, these were the huge GLAD force flex, contractor bags!  45 gal. bags, and at 3 bags, thats almost 150 gallons, of stuff I got rid of! crazy huh?I also decided to clean out the car, because there was shit in there that had no reason of being in there. I am just sick of shit/clutter all around.BUT…(dun dun dun DUNN) I still have to organize the crap I have. I’ve done some along the way,and just have a little more to do.I will be doing that sunday afternoon.(as I have JUST decided) **oh yeah, remember when I wrote this post, about sons’ sleep habits?. The gods heard my wales & woes, and son has been in bed by 8 P.M. almost everynight this week. now mind functionally tiring is that fact that he has cut out all naps. if he don’t go down before 3, he DOESN’T get one. I know that may sound harsh to some, and it can be when he is screamingly tired @ 5:25. and would more than willingly go to bed, but the down side is he WOULD be up @ 2 A.M.  Im NOT having it.So there it is…my week of HIGHS..so I ask where is the train? things are just going a little to well, so I am waiting to be hit!