fucked up Yesterday.how ( since you may wonder)

well 1st, let me say in my very little defense. Tha lady who set up the appt, told me that I would ONLY, need my social security card, and Id.

So, as I took a little more time to get ready to be presentable (make-up, and clean hair). and then I started wondering where the hell is my wallet that my soc.sec, card is in. thinking I just saw it a couple days ago, so as I started looking forit in the obvious places it  should be, and not finding it, I started to panic. If it’s not where it should be, then it’s somewhere that I won’t be able to find it. My appt, was @ 3: and I looked until 2:55, and then I was like well whatever I can just go, and get the paper work done,and they can sopy it later. I finally give in, and decide to the appt, anyway, because I don’t like to waste other people time. This was a school that I was gonna be attending so I didn’t want to make a bad impression and not show up for an appt “just because”.

I get to the school, check in, and meet with the guy, we get into the office, and I tell him straight out that I couldn’t find my soc.sec, card, so he’s like oh no big deal, you can bring it back when you do. whew (that was such a relief)  Well, then we start doing the paper work, and he ask “do you have your 2006 taxes?” um, no. so we go on and he ask if I have these other things. and I am like um,, no. I was told I only needed my soc.sec. card, & iD, sorry. The whole thing became a major disaster, as I see it.

I ended going up right over to the soc sec office to get a new card right away, it will be mailed in 7-10 business days. which won’t help, because I rescheduled to have all the papers needed by Friday (tomorrow) and get it all done.

So, now people I have some serious purging, and papers that I have to find. I need 

1. TAXES ( I know where they are EXACTLY)

2. My fafsa pin.

3.soc.sec, card.

4. oh yeah, and my High School Diploma to copy, and I have no clue where the hell that is, last I know my mom had that to display it. I have no Idea, where she has it. 

I am completely stressing. I don’t know if I will find this stuff, and I have a feelin that if I don’t, I will completely give up and say FUCK IT.