Wow, I can’t believe that later today I go in to do my F.A. ( Financial Aid) papers to start school in March. I also got sons’ day care papers filled out, there is only one little paper that needs to be signed by a doctor. and then I would start bringing him in On March 1st. Im not totally sure about that yet( that gives him 9 days to get sick), so Maybe I will just bring him in on the day I start school. I gotta say, that though I have had son in daycare before @ the same daycare he will going back to, which I love. I am still nervous, He will be with the toddler group, and they can be rough, and mean.  I know the people there will watch out for him, but still its nerve racking. On the + side, he will be with other kids and get to socialize.  Son, is not little for his age, but I am afraid he will be pushed around.  I think he will be in with other kids 2-4 y/o, and considering he is only 2 and a 1/2, the 3 and 4 y/os’ do worry me.

I am once again worrying about the “what ifs” , “maybe” and all that other things. Geeze, I just gotta keep my mind positive, just keep my mind on the RIGHT NOW. don’t worry, when there is nothing for sure to worry about YET. 

ain’t I just plain sunshine?