I’m free to write FINALLY, and its only 1:35 am.(I know I should be @ least trying to sleep)..what’cha been up to? me? I’ve been staying up extremely late..the other night(Saturday night) I was up til 5am, watching the Suzy Orman show(not just because I wanted to watch the show, but because I had to stay up because mommy dearest was out dancing, and I had to stay up to let her in)

New Subject, My poor son got taken in the the DRs’ on VD(Valentines Day) day, and he was diagnosed with a ear infection. but also given 2 shots. so he was pretty sore, not the best way to have a Holiday, but it NEVER fails, He always has something EVERY holiday. (I’m not sure St,Pattys’ day will count, but I know Easter will, bet ya 5 dollars..) but guess what FUN, he has going on now, Ill give you a clue..he most likely got it from the anti-bio-tics( come on, if you’re a woman, you should have a clue). Yep, he has now got a YEAST infection. My poor son his his butt is so red, and he just wants to itch SCRATCH the hell out of his butt..This is has him like grabbing himself and “adjusting” himself like he is a 40 y/o PRO! So, I ended up running to the store, to get the Yummy VAGINAL FUNGAL CREAM.(great search hit). let me say that nothing will and ever does EMBARRASS me more than having to buy Vaginal Itch cream (search hit again) KY and condoms and spermicide, no problem, but the vag cream is a no no. what made it worse? is that I asked the pharmacist if the percentage I was buying is okay to use on my son.( yeah, he probably thought I was TOTALLY lieing) like, okay woman, just admit that you have a vag infection, you’re not the 1st, and I will tell you IT’S OKAY. I can only imagine the laugh he got when I walked away.