Well its Valentines day, and what can I say I am feeling sorry for myself. I think I am a good woman, and be a good catch for someone who can handle me.  I have never cheated on any boyfriend/fiance I have had. So, when I look around and see some of  the other women out there,  who have men, I compare myself, and I must say I am not completely Ugly, so I start wondering, what the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I have some one to love? Is it because I am a single mother?  Is it because I am confident(wait, I am not confident, I do have some low self esteem, I am determined), and can truly take care of me, and my son on my own? is it men that can handle a women who is not needy?

what is it? I do know that I am attracted to a certain type of guy, the baby faced guy, who can usually get ANY  woman he wants. 

I like younger guys..shit the last booty call I had for a while was 8 years younger than me! so I know I can pull them in, but when it comes to Valentines Day, it makes single people ask ” why am I still single?” if they don’t wanna be. This is the day of year, when all not wanna be single people are questioning themselves and asking “am I love-able?”

I celebrate just a little bit, for my regular Valentines(MOM, bro, son) I give them the regular gifts and cards, but when it comes down to feel good inside, my heart is anything but red, and heading more towards blue.