Well I finally got to do a little shopping, so I went to Target, to get something in particular, but I am not sure if I got it or not. I did get stuff, that I saw,and thought man I need that.  but I got this. I just thought wow that will save tons of room, considering I can put it UP,where son can’t get it, and throw all the dvd cases out.(little stuff like the cases can take up alot of room when you have alot of dvd/cds). I also got something like this, but it wasn’t exact, it was a set of two that has a latch on the front, that I thought would be great, cause I can organize all my papers and put them away and son can’t open them, yet.

So, as you may or not be able to tell, I am trying to organize, and declutter every little bit I can, but the shit is hard!!  I just wasn’t born with that gene. My brother has it, My mom is too. The funny thing is I AM THE 1, who cleans this house daily. I do the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, on top of picking up after son and his messes.  I get really frustrated with it. I am like what the hell people? I should only be responsible for me and my sons shit? are your arms broken? then you should be doing the shit yourself! damn it.

I do that everyday, cleaning the house, but the tricky part is, I do that stuff, and then I don’t have time for any of my and sons stuff. I am frickin cinderella here.

 My mom excuse to me is” you go work 8 hr days” and see how you like that? I have worked 8-10 days. but that don’t give me the right to sit on my ass and expect some one else to do all the work around the house. just because I am not working don’t make me lazy, excuse me, I have a 2 y/o to take care of! you can’t not be lazy when you have any kid to take care of, sure, I may watch Reba, while drying the dishes, but still most of the shit around the house gets done and it gets done by me. 

When I do get time to clean my own stuff, I am really trying to just organize and cut the clutter. I have a plan in my head of how I want stuff to be organized and all, but if it don’t happen that way right away, then I am totally discouraged. I know it has got to happen now, cause I cannot be having this kind of hectic chaos of looking for stuff when I am trying to get son to daycare, and going to school. I don’t have time to be looking for that one missing shoe. (reminds me to get a show organizer)  I finally need to get this done, and I have a legit reason to get it done for.

please please let me get it done.