well I guess this will be an up all night thingy, its 2AM. Son, finally decided to go to bed about 45 minutes ago, and now I finally got some time to do the shit I been wanting to do. I gotta stay up and get the shit done, cause I haven’t been able to get anything done. reason 1. I am way Lazy, mornings just aren’t my thing. I usually don’t start doing my shit til like 3pm, that’s when I get the urge or more NERVE to even try, to get something done. Yesterday, I had it planned as to where I would try to wear out son by 2pm, and he would take a decent nap, but that did NOT happen and by 4:30 my mommy nerve was way fried and about to disintegrate into ashes. I was so damn frustrated and he just seemed to know it, and he seemed to be loving it, getting more and more hyper off the “son, please go watch Diego, other wise mommy will …UGH” .

Son, did not want to listen one bit! the rest of the hour was “son, don’t do that!” “GET down” “you, NEED to listen” all he did was laugh @ me.

So, now that I am officially free to clean, I may be to tired to do so, although, I would REALLYlike to get it done now,so that other things I may have to do tomorrow can be done.

I may have to take son to the clinic, for possible ear infection{since he came to me, yesterday and said mommy boo-boo ear} and he was particular about it being his right ear} which was pretty red. I wanted to do yesterday, but I was all-ready so frustrated that I did not want to sit in a doctors office to wait and see. I just gave him Tylenol, to try and help if there was any pain, considering that he was laughing at me the whole day, & running around the house being crazy I figured it wasn’t bad enough to drop EVERYTHING I was trying to do to take him in that second.

So, I am thinking, and planning that after I am done writing this post, I will start cleaning, and whatever I can get done before my body decides to go Limp, is less that I have to do later in the day.

Later in the day(8-9am) call the clinic, to get son in for a same day appt, so I can get that boo-boo ear checked out.* get a some doctor paper signed out for sons daycare. (I really need to remember to bring that)

Hopefully talk to SOMEONE about going in and getting my financial aid done, so I can start school next month.

Look up and get an Ophthalmology Appt. So, I can get the proper glasses, before I have to renew my license.

Please, GOD, let me get all this done Today.