Alrghty, here is another late nite post. and I am gonna tell you about whatever, I CAN remember to write about.

FRIDAY: I decided when son was sleeping it was a good time to color my hair, I picked out a natural medium golden brown, sounds pretty right? yeah, that’s what I thought too, and I am sure it would’ve been..IF IT HAD FUCKING TURNED OUT! it pretty much did nothing to the existing color in my hair, which was suppose to be dark brown and came out BLACK.  it is so fucking hard to get black hair color out of your hair. so now after that only the roots and some grays turned the correct color on the damn box fiasco. I figure I have to Highlight all my hair,and just color a couple days later. so for a couple days somewhere in the next month I will be blond. that will be so fun. NOT.

 SAT: Me, Mother, and son, decided to go thrift-storing(major past time) and so we went to two places, the 1st I loved, it had designer purses for cheapo. and the second was all-right. I had a free 20.00, and I wanted to get something, practically anything just to say I bought something, but I didn’t. I can get in an extremely bad mood when I want to shop and don’t get to. Then I ended up babysitting my nephew, while my mom, and his mom(who is  not my SIL {thank god}) went out to see some band and dance.  I was not very happy. I NEVER get to go out. but she gets to come into town dump her kid on me, and go out? WTF, is with that?

SUN: went around doing errands I could finally do. came home and watched the Superbowl. I nearly so nearly cried when the giants made that last touchdown with 35 seconds left in the game. I was so happy. and you know what? Eli Manning is pretty damn cute with that helmet on.

MON: did little shit, but not the shit I was suppose to be doing, and should’ve been doing. didn’t care either, until now, and I think man, yesterday could’ve been a yesterday, but since I made today my lazy day, I can’t. I hate when I do that shit to myself.

I still haven’t gotten the daycare papers, financial aid papers, and now I need to make an eye appointment so I can get glasses before I can renew my license next month. how much do you think I will get done by say, the end of the week?