So, tonight was the premier of Eli Stone. Did you see it? Did you love it? I did. I have to say I give it a 5!  it had a great sense of humor, heart, drama, everything you want in a tv show.

Eli Stone, is all-ready creating controversy,in that its first episode dealt with a mother suing a pharmaceutical company, because their vaccine gave her son autism, or so she believes. pediatricians are angry.

Personally I say if your a concerned parent, your a well informed parent, and you don’t let a show that needs ratings persuade your actions in being a parent to your child’s well being. it is your decision whether or not to get your child vaccinated, and it is your responsibility to be informed.


I am loving that Johnny Lee Miller(Angelinas’ 1st ex hubby) plays Eli. I was watching the whole show, thinking”damn he looks so familiar, where o’ where has my little dog gone?” (sorry I have a toddler) but I was thinking what have I seen him in? then just literally 5 minutes ago, I was like “HACKERS”. 

well if you haven”t seen it, you can watch the full episode on-line @

can’t wait for the next one.