So me and son had our first true little fight today. It went something like this.

Son(going into frfidge and pointing, and saying,melk)

Me. I just gave you some milk like 2 minutes ago, you have milk.

Son. Melk, Melk.

Me. No, I just gave you Milk (Closes fridge) and shows son his cup with milk.

Son. No, Melk!

Me.No, you have new milk.

Son.(proceeds to crying)

Me. calm down, son, it’s not a big deal, mommy all-ready gave you milk. it’s time for a nap.

Son. goes into the living room and lays on the couch.

Me.sits down at the kitchen table, “why does he want new milk, when I JUST gave him some?”

about 5 mins later..

I go to him laying on the couch, and say “honey, are you mad at me?” Son, replies”YESH” so I sit there and try to explain to him again, Honey, I wasn’t gonna give you mo..(Son Interrupts, What?)

Me. goes to the fridge and pours him a new cup of milk.