I received a call last nite from sons aunt, who is the sis in law to sons dad, and daughter in law to sons’ grandma.

The call I received last nite I went to grab and then thought no, she probably misdialed, {I don’t wanna get into anything with her} because who knows, what the hell sons grandma has been saying , if anything, about me to everyone.

I was in bed again this morning trying to sleep off the BANGINGmorning I had. So, when the phone rang again this morning, and the answering machine announced ” call from” and I heard the name, and it was sons’ aunt again. I figured, shit, I better answer i,t incase something happened that I should know of. 

Shakily,I said hello,? and this little voice answers on the other end HI, I was so surprised. it was sons cousin, who he is 1mo, and 1/2 apart in age with. he was just talking away.  I was just happy to hear his voice, well then I hear Okay, bye. (his mom in the background, no, don’t hang up I wanna talk) I got this kinda like, Oh shit feeling, but she was all Hi, and its just smooth talking (I’m waiting for her to say something about sons dad and grandma) but she doesn’t. THANK GOD.

truth is, I was grateful she called I should’ve known she would be on my side( well I THINK she is anyway) Im still gonna be keeping my guard up, because she lives and is close to grandma, so I don’t know what she would be telling her, if anything.

So here’s to you AUNTIE R, for calling. It made me feel good to know that I don’t have to completely turn my back on everyone down there. (but still keeping up the guard)