Last night I set my alarm on my cell phone, to 6am, and I set it across the room, so I would have to get up and go to turn it off. It went off. so I got up to turn it off, and as I got outta bed, and went to start walking to turn it off and boom,  I fell, I fell into my trash can by the bed I hit the trashcan with my ribs hitting it.  I fell kinda to the side, and I was like what the hell? So, I went to get up and try and turn it off again, I fell again!  this time I came down right on my knee, I tried again, fell again.

The Whole left leg was completely asleep, but I didn’t know this, when I got up to go turn off of the alarm.  I didn’t have that tingly needles, sensation,  I just didn’t have any feeling in that leg at all. 

so, I just kept falling. and falling, falling.

My leg still don’t feel normal.

and I am bruised, my fat by my rib is all bruised, and My poor knee is all skunn up! 

wonder, how the rest of the day will go.