I don’t know if you all have ever seen the show JON&KATE+8, well anyway, I am a major fan! I couldn’t believe what I reading about what some of the commenters were say on this blog (mind you it is long!)Although this was written a in November of last year, I just now found it. The comments agains Kate Gosselin, are just very angering to me, how can someone be so judgemental?  So fucking what if the woman asked to get@ home help with her sextuplets? this woman worked as a NURSE, she worked! so why can’t her state help her out when she needs it? she paid her taxes, and when she was working as for all of us who have worked, I believe have EVERY RIGHT when they need help from the state!and as for the women who were like well Kate Gosselin is Greedy, and disliked by alot of women, because she comes off so self righteous, and just expects everything to be her way? Yes, she does like things her way, and if I had 8 children to take care of, and always under foot, I would want it done the way it would work for ME the first time. Women who have children do not have time to waste, We always need to have one arm free, and one eye open. I can’t believe people can be so harsh to jidge someone when they have no clue of whats going on behind the scenes. these shows are editing to convey the most poignant parts. I love the show Jon & Kate+8!I look at Kate, as an inspiration to the type of mother I would EXACTLY want to be if I had that many children. I can barely handle son some-days!!