yeah, me either. J/k. but anyway it is now, um.12:34 am CST. and me and son are still both wide awake. how did we manage that, ya wonder? well, you see it all started daylight savings time, and my son internal clock just went haywire, so now we’re on this crazy schedule, and I don’t know how the hell to fix it. man, I really wish I could too, because before this I had a schedule single moms love. a baby who wakes @ 9am..eats and lunch. NAP@ 1:00-3:00pm!(free time) and it was a good solid 2 hrs of freetime. I could get all the dishes done, actually sometimes do 2 loads of laundry, and watch a TV show, while he slept. then when he would wake,  it would be 3-8:oopm, eat, play, tv, movie, all until bedtime. and he would sleep for a full 10 hours a night. I was so happy to actually have the nights to myself, I never thought it would be taken from me! so I never took full advantage of it. I would mostly watch my shows, and write in my journal or scribble, sodoku, watch a movie,something just to unwind.If there was a magic genie that would give me 3 wishes right now, they would be as follows.

  1. Son, to be asleep promptly at 9pm.
  2. For Son to never Throw a tantrum AGAIN.
  3. Have Money at all times.

Well 2 outta 3 wishes should give you some clue as to how much I miss having nights to myself.I mean its 1AM, and I am argueing with a 2 year old to go to bed, and I should just go to bed too, because man, I can’t get anything done now, I am too tired.I know I can fix this, if I just start waking him up earlier, try 7am, but that means I have to do it too.(waah) I don’t want to! I don’t want to! (stomps, kicks, blurts)I know I should also cut out his naps, but wholly cow, have you ever dealt with a 2 year old who is extremely tired? No? well you’ll learn, and for those of us that have, just remember are hair is growing back(from ripping it out).man, there is just so MUCH to do, and so little time. where did all the time go?well, I guess, its time for US to go to bed.