well, the last couple days I have bought some books, and I do plan on reading them, but the trick will be WHEN? when will I have the time to read these books that I feel I really wanna read.?

  I am a self-help book reader, I figure, hey I’ve been making mistakes, and keep making these mistakes, so why not read and learn from somebody who has also made the mistake and learned from that mistake so much that they got to write a book about it? I am really not the type of person to ask for help when I need it.(ARIES, here) but I am the type of person to give it or atleast try to help them out when they need it. anyway, I would rather read and learn from other people making the mistakes and or having the same problems as I am, and learn from them how they dealt with it in the written word. I feel that if I ask someone for help, I am burdening them with something that should have been taken care of long before I even needed help.

The books I got yesterday, were:

  • The Supernanny book–(to help deal with son his terrible 2s’ for now, but I am sure this is one I will keep until he is at least 25)
  • Chicken Soup for the Mothers’ soul( sometimes you just need to read something that will make you cry)
  • Solo-Parenting (to help cope/ease the stress of dealing with my kid on my own)

and today I bought.

  • the toddlers busy book (3 reasons for this book, to get son away from the TV, quality time and good memories, and Ideas to help keep him outta my way, no particular order)
  • Pockets Idiot Guide Living on a Budget( to learn how to stay with a budget)
  • Clutter’s last stand, it’s time to De-Junk your life ( I need help in learning how to let go of all the little things that I think are sentimental, but really do nothing but waste space E.G. birthday cards, holiday cards, etc.)

 So those are some of the examples of the books I buy to give me some “SELF HELP”.and I am sincerely hoping that they do work, cause if anyone besides me knows there are areas in my life where I do need help, but I am to stubborn to ask.