Well my B.F.F., has gotten the man of her dreams. now they’re getting married, and she was like I want to ask you something, and I was allready thinking of course I will be a bridesmaid, but nope,  she wants me to be a MAID OF HONOR!! wholly crap.

I never ever thought I would be Maid of Honor. I didn’t think I would be this time either since, she has a sister, but she’s like, nope, I want you, I just feel that way. I never have felt so honored. although there will be some challenges ( I allready know) I am really gonna try and do my best, to make the wedding the best she could possibly have and want.

I am gonna stay positive to have 2008 be as awesome as I really want it to be.

I hope yours started just as awesome as mine did.

*off subject, I had called sons’ dad to say happy new year, but he didn’t! so I was like oh well.

they ain’t gonna turn around and say that, I am trying to keep son from them.