Good RIDDEN to 007! come on in 2008! after this crappy end to the year of 007, I am completely ready for a new year! I all-ready have plans in place for the coming  year. Maybe I am FINALLY gonna growing into my adulthood, I know some people are like, shouldn’t you all-ready be there, you are a parent. Yeah, yeah, but things don’t alwaysgo in the right order for me, not saying I go & buy barbie dolls to play with, but sometimes it does look like it would be fun to do. I still once in a while wanna color in a coloring book (I am the best color-er, ever!) I talking, more career wise, this will be the year I start looking to really start my career, and not just have jobs. this will be the year. My best year ever! 2008, I am feeling ya.Please don’t disappoint me.I know there will be some disappointments, and hard times, but please nothing like this year, OK?, that’s all I ask. as for the bringing in of the new year, my advice DON’T DRINK, & DON’T DRIVE! yep, that’s right, I said, DON’T DRINK. why? who REALLY wants to bring the the new year with a massive hangover? that to me, now would be like bad karma, or something. you think your gonna be ending it happy, but really? it’s more that your starting it off bad. but PLEASE if your drinking, please, please, do NOT drive.
Have fun with friends, and family, and those you know really love you.