Yes, I got out of the house for a little while by myself. YAY.

When I was gone, Sons grandma called, and happened to leave a message on the phone, Hi, *******, I was just calling to wish, ******, a Merry Christmas, and his dad was here, and wanted to talk to him, so when you get back, call us, so grandson, can talk to his dad. bye. that is pretty much what she said verbatim.

Now mind you, her messages before the CS(child support issue) her message where like this. “Hi, Hun, I’m just calling to see how you, and son, are doing, so when you have a chance give me a  call back”. can you see the difference? yeah, thats what I thought. Me, and her use to talk EVERYDAY! we would talk just about whatever, and now its so strained. 

Needless to say I did not call them back, and will not call them, My sons dad needs to grow some balls, and call on his own, and not have his mommy call for him.

and as for my relationship with his mother, and my son grandmother, I am FINISHED, she all of a sudden wants to be cold, then whatever, I know I have written it before, but I gotta do it again to get it stuck in my head.

they can say what they wanna say. I know she is saying shit, and blah, blah, blah, I care but then again, I don’t. she and he are far enough away as to where they won’t affect me.  Her son don’t have the balls to even talk to me about going to the county to start the CS proceedings, cause he knows Im in the right, and I am sick of my son taking backseat to his Pitiful life. this is my way to stand up for my son.

whatever I am done, and so is my son, we’ll just have it out in court.

so how was your day?