Well, my sons grandma called the other day, and said well I saw that you called, so I thought I would call and “see if son is okay?” I said well yeah, I was just calling to see how things are going down there? and she’s all “oh nothing new”now mind you this is not are usual, conversation It was really strained and I could tell just from the sound of her voice she really didn’t want nothing to do with me.the tone was not a very happy one, it was a more of a “bitch I can’t believe you are actually gonna take my son to court for child support tone” . I know she feels she can’t say anything to me about it, cause she thinks I will say something about it in court. I knew I shouldn’t have told her, but I needed to give her warning that her son would not be happy, because his boss would be getting wage papers from the county the next day

I DIDN’Twant to tell her, but I knew that  EX would be in a bad mood, & I really felt she would need fair warning, of the reason why. I will not be talking to her anytime again soon. not Christmas, not new years not soon. EX hasn’t called either, so, what the fuck ever! he’s an ass who will probably bring up some stupid shit, like, well the truth your honor is..”I really don’t believe he is my son” and in that case I will be like. Mother fucker, YOU and your whole family will punished and none of you will ever be able to see OUR son AGAIN!!{there is NOWAY in hell, that he is NOT the father of my son”} !! and if he really feels that way, then, will we do the DNA and after the test SHOWS he is the father, I am going to tell the judge, I don’t want him to have any access to visitation, {I KNOW that probably won’t happen, but I will try}. His mother on the other hand..well what can I say, I lost a friend, someone who I could call and talk to, but the down side of that friendship was she was ALWAYS making everything about her. On the other hand I know she doesn’t like what Im doing, I know she feels like Im attacking her son, and she ALWAYS sticking up for her kids (even AFTER the many times they have stepped on her, and treated her like shit) but whatever, if that’s how she wants to be, and if that how her son wants to make it, thats how it WILL be, please my son needs family in his life, but not family that will treat him that way, and try and deny him as their own)

Mind you, and ME this is all in my head this is all how I guessing this is how its gonna go. thinking the worse, and not even thinking about the best.

*my son has not received a call from his father, a christmas, card, money, NOTHING.., but yeah, he really cares about him right?

oh and he didn’t get even a card for his birthday either.