All-right y’all I know Christmas is still at least a couple days away, but I have all-ready received 2 of my 4 gifts.  Christmas is but 50% over for me! I am serious people. and what do you think I got for Christmas? some people would consider it to be the best gift of all. I got straight cold hard cash. and it is more than a couple hundred dollars of cash, I was given instructions as to spend this “Christmas” gift on no one but myself. That of course did not happen, as I used it to pay some over draft bank fees, food, and other necessities for me and my son.

Why am I complaining? well the thing is, every(damn) year I get cash, so its really nothing new, nothing surprising, and nothing you have to guess about. there is NO surprise with a gift like cash. I see it more as a “here your to fucking hard to shop for” or “here I really didn’t want to put no thought into” kinda gift.

Yes, same goes for me with gift-cards. unless its a place you know I LOVE and will absolutely use, don’t bother, because yeah, you tried, but not really, kinda thing. Yeah, Yeah, well its suppose to be the thought that matters, blah, blah, and that is exactly my sentiment, there is no thought when giving cash or gift-cards! (IMO) but I know there are always two sides to the story, but I am on the sentimental side, there is nothing sentimental, about a gift card. its like well here’s the money to get what you want. Not, here is my gift for you, I thought you might like or that I thought that really fit you (kinda thing)

am I even making any sense I feel like I am but I am not so sure.