I called my child support worker to see what was up with my case, and my worker a guy was really cool about it, and told me the steps we would have to do.the 1st step now, is will be to overnight papers to my EXs’ boss, to get wage information, step 2 will be to subpoena my ex, 3 to figure wages, income, etc, and step 4 will be in court, he can either drive up, and come to court, or he can do it by phone (most likely) but hey, he will go to court for his wife, while she fights for custody of her son, and also help pay for her son to go to private school. another reason I was ready to finally take this step, is that yes, besides me paying for 99.8% of my sons needs.my exs’ wife also lied to me, and says well I budget our income for what he said he would send you on the agreement on what you two made! bitch please. I sent that damn bitch, my damn paypal information, because SHE said she would start directly deposit EXs’ check into her account and that she would directly send me the money, because she KNOWS how hard it is to be  a SINGLE mother, and blah, blah, blah, (my dumbass) believed her, that was over a MONTH ago, & she hasn’t sent me shit!!