Well last night or shall I say this morning I didn’t get to bed til like 5am, why? well for 1, I had taken a caffeine pill to help give me energy to get things done, but they usually ware off just like a cup of coffee after a couple of hours, so that may be a little part of the reason, but I am completely aware that is not the real reason for my sleep-less nights.

so the 2nd reason has to be the right reason, and that is, I am worried about taking my sons dad to court over child support, well not court, but having the money garnished from his checks. why am I so worried about it?

I am worried for my son in that will it really have an effect on how they treat him, on his dad side of the family? I really didn’t think it would be such a big deal to be to be losing sleepover, but apparently my sub-conscous feels differently.

I plan on doing on Jan.1.2008. {happy new year, ASSHOLE!}

Me and My sons Paternal grandmother are very close friends and talk on the phone almost daily, so she is always updated when it comes to her grandson, but that does not ammend the fact that his father harldy ever calls about him, and only sent a MEEZLY..45.00 last month! I made an agreement with him, of 190.00 a month, but have I ever received a full amount,? no!

I am really sick of dealing with him, and his excuses for not doing his part monetarily to take care of my son, and have come to FULL-ON BITCH mode, there will be a no holding me back from getting this done. I am determined to finally do right by son, and not be persuaded by his LOSER fathers PITY ANTICS!

this will be fun to start the new year off with a bang! I am sure there will be people that will be hurt, but so what? really I am doing for my son, what I should have done for him in the 1st place. 2008 is the year to do things right!