man, I am gonna start owning up to my shit, thats my new years resolution! and I am gonna start right now by saying that yes, I am a HYPOCRIT! I will say something to be PC as possible, then I will turn around and do whatever the hell I was just saying is so damn wrong. like I have done earlier in this bloggin entry, I love bloggin and can’t wait to get back into it, yes, true, but also I do that it can be tasking, I don’t really wanna find the time to sort out all I wanna write about. yes I could just post back to back on subjects..if I do that, I will RE-TITLE, the blog again, and call it ANOTHER THING..hey actually that sounds pretty good to me.

 As of late, I don’t call people back, as I say I will, more or less, I just don’t want to, or what they are talking about ISN’T interesting enough to me! 

 I really do like knowing other people have more drama in there lives, and that in someway I can help them! (SICK ~I know), but more often than not ,it gets to be boring when its the same type of shit, over, and over..its like give me something new! Other peoples’ drama gets boring to me~ oh yeah.

Do you or are you beginning to see what kind of person I am? and what do you think of it?