Im sick of being left out of the loop,people hiding stupid shit from me!

my friend whom I’ve been friends with for a very long time lately has been going out with her friends and has just been bothering not to ask me, if I would even like to go. I am a single mom, and yes, it is harder for me to go out, but it would still be nice to be asked and at least know your thought of. but no! no one bothers to ask me shit anymore. they all just assume now that I can’t go out and I will say no, but shit if you gave me ample notice Im sure I could find a babysitter and be able to go.

Lying about dumb shit..stop lying about dumb shit..saying that your just gonna stay home and lounge around cause your to tired to go anywhere, and then go to a birthday party for a little girls mom you say you don’t even like..what the fuck is up with that..have I become your pity friend?well I shouldn’t be, and if so when and how did this happen?

True I am not as happy with my life as I would like to be, but I am not a sad person that people would think me to be, I am very proud of my son.

its me and him against the world, and so far the world is winning, but I am gonna change that..with all my will and might believe me I am gonna change that. we’ve made different decisions in our lives and this is probably just a passing vent, but hurts.

things will change for us, you may not see it now, but its coming. you’ll learn what I have ALLREADY, and boy will you be shocked.