my mind is so full of so many different things at this moment..


WEST MEMPHIS 3–were proven to be innocent in the case of the Robinhood Hill Murders.

this case was botched from the beginning.Anyone with normal rational could plainly see that and when I heard the news that they were found Innocent due to DNA testing of evidence at the crime scene, it brouht tears to my eyes, thinking that these young man are gonna finally get their chance for justice!!

Bad news..completely different subject ..

i went and finally got the last of my dental work done, come time to leave and the car won’t start so I had to call someone to come and jump me..ugh..that was  a bitch in the middle of the day.

ain’t it funny how something so small and insignificant can change moods in the blink of an eye.

poor mind is just not write today.